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Web Design & Digital Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand

Web Design
It always starts with the website. Your website is your online sales tool—if it’s not doing its job, then any online marketing efforts will be wasted.

A great website confirms for your visitor that he/she is on the site they intended to visit, that you understand the problem or reason for visiting your site, and that you can provide a solution or information…and it does this in 3 seconds or less!
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Not sure your website is quite up to par? Let’s take a look and have a chat and see what I can do to make improvements.

Digital Marketing
Website good? Great! Except, your great website can’t do its job for you (i.e. send leads/make sales) if no one sees it. In spite of the term “Internet Super Highway” your website isn’t a billboard; no one is driving past. You must actively promote your site and drive traffic to it.

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So, how do you do this? Primarily with paid advertising, such as Google Ad Words, and (free) social media marketing. Social media marketing includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope…and every other new social platform that keeps popping up! Got it?

Navigation all of those options can be overwhelming and time consuming. That’s what I come in! We’ll sort it out together, deciding which vehicle is the best for your business and how to maximize your efforts. No time to manage all of that on your own? aka design website example, South Mountain Creamery
That’s why you outsource to a professional, like me.

Whether you are just starting a business and need to launch a web presence, have a website that could use some improvement, or are ready to take your digital marketing to the next level, I can help. I offer complimentary consultations and I’m always eager to chat with business owners about their unique marketing challenges.

How Can I Help You?

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